Safe place to practice FPV and/or drone racing in Sydney

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Safe place to practice FPV and/or drone racing in Sydney

Postby kpajak » Mon Sep 05, 2016 4:50 am


I am looking for safe places to practice FPV flying in or around Sydney.

Does not necessarily have to be a designated place, just a piece of land where there are not too many people and especially not the kind of people who hate drones and where I can satisfy the 30 metres away from people rule.

I tried few large parks, staying well away from anyone, but the problem is sooner or later there will be someone too inquisitive who will come close (with their dogs optionally), which forces me to land immediately.

Also, regarding the 30 meters distance rule: is it a 3-dimensional distance or the length of a flat line on the surface?
Because, if the former is the case, if I keep 30+ meters altitude, I should be within the laws all the time ?
If it's the latter, then what does the law say if I'm flying clear of anyone but then someone deliberately approaches me to prove the point, am I supposed to keep running away from them?

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