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OC application

Postby KY89 » Tue Apr 05, 2016 9:31 am

Hey Team,

I'm currently looking into the application for an Operators certificate and I'm after a bit of guidance getting started.
I have a controllers certificate for multirotors between 7 and 20kgs. We have an S900, S1000 and a phantom 3. At this stage, we intend on exclusively doing real estate photography/videography and possibly the occasional event. I fly heli's for a living (as I suspect some of you also do), so I have some experience in dealings with CASA. However, upon looking into this application I've found that the information provided is quite vague. As I understand it, we need to produce an operations manual that outlines our proposed operations, a maintenance manual and a flight manual for the craft/s that we wish to use.

I've emailed the UAV department at casa several times requesting an 'info pack' with only the automated response that I'm very familiar with - "CASA are experiencing a high volume of ..yada, yada, yada.. "

These are my questions and any information will be greatly appreciated.

1. Where should I start? :lol:

2. Would it be easier, harder or the same for us to propose only flying the little phantom to start with and then append the larger machines to our OC down the track?

3. Do the documents need to be produced with the same level of detail as we see in general aviation?

4. Does CASA or any third party produce templates for the documents?

Thanks guys
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Re: OC application

Postby SKIDBITA » Fri Apr 08, 2016 11:20 am

It is a little easier these days and should only cost around $2K
CASA have a new ops manual template that has a few parts to be modified before submission to CASA. Just add company details, don't change the manual apart from highlighted options.
Do this and then submit to CASA, then while you are waiting for your flight test date start compiling a Professional reference library: Aircraft manuals, operating procedures, maintenance procedures etc
CASA Form 041 for UOC application

I would advise doing your flight test on the highest category you are trained on if you can then you are not limited to operating anything below this category, If you test on a phantom you will only be cleared to operate a phantom, you will need to get re-tested on higher category machines at a later time.
If you have access to an S900/S1000 practice on this and do the test on it.... If not do minimum of Inspire then at least you can operate phantom too.
Make sure you are competent in flying in ATTI in all manoeuvres including inward and outward facing orbits around a point..

You can always pay for Ops manual / Professional Library assistance - Look up the "Drone Commander" website i think it is around $1900

PM me if you need any more info and I will see if I can find a copy of the new CASA Ops manual.
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Re: OC application

Postby KY89 » Sat Apr 09, 2016 3:23 am

skidbita, thank you very much for your prompt and informative response. Much appreciated. :wink:

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