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Call signs

Postby Cleared Hot » Thu Jun 22, 2017 7:46 am

So what call sign to use when talking with ATC, is there a standard for RPA?
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Re: Call signs

Postby CYHeli » Tue Oct 17, 2017 11:53 pm

From the AIP.

GEN 3.4
4.20 Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
4.20.1 Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) should select identification based on the aircraft manufacturer or model using a maximum of three syllables. Numbers may be added. UAV flight plan identification is detailed in ENR 1.10 APPENDIX 2
4.20.2 Communications on any frequency must use the prefix “UNMANNED” before the callsign. When the UAV operation is conducted in controlled airspace ATC may vary this requirement after initial contact.

4.24 Callsigns - Special Task Operations
4.24.1 Aircraft engaged in special task operations, and with the agreement of ATS, may use a call sign indicative of the nature of the task with a numerical suffix (if applicable) (see 4.17), e.g.

General Fire Support Tasks
(light rotary) FIREBIRD (FBIR)
Remote Sensing Fire Operations FIRESCAN (FSCN)
Fire Intelligence Gathering FIRESPOTTER (SPTR)

ENR 1.10 Appendix 2.
The Australian Domestic Flight Notification Form provides a modified ICAO flight plan form for Australian requirements and to allow entry of multiple stages of flight.
Item 7 – Aircraft Identification
Enter Aircraft registration/flight number. ZZZZ and TBA cannot be accepted.
Requirements For VH registered aircraft, enter the three letters after the prefix only; e.g. for VH-ZFR enter ZFR.
For flight numbers, and other approved callsigns, enter a mixture of figures and letters that do not exceed seven alphanumeric characters and without hyphens or symbols; e.g. QFA611.
For unmanned aircraft:
a. enter the prefix UX then at least two characters of the aircraft model e.g. UXSCE4
b. enter the full radiotelephony callsign in Item 18 after RMK/RTF e.g. UNMANNED SCAN EAGLE FOUR.

One callsign per flight notification.

I have included the Special Task Operations call signs because there is discussion within various government agencies (and NAFC) to incorporate the unmanned firespotter or firescan call sign when the UAV is tasked to a fire role. No decision has been reached but it is a discussion point. One option is to use the 900 series call signs as opposed to the state based 200, 300, etc. The 900 series is managed by NAFC and can be used this way for fire ops to denote UAV activity.
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Re: Call signs

Postby Tactical71 » Thu Jan 24, 2019 11:24 am

I dont talk with ATC as Im a sub 2kg operator, however when I make a general radio call to “traffic” in the area Im working in, I use my company name and then UAV as my callsign. “Monaro Aviation UAV”.

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